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All Avon Ocean and Coastal, Liferafts are now vacuum sealed in a special plastic envelope, before being packed in a valise or canister.

Ocean Liferafts

The new range of Avon Ocean life rafts is designed to comply with ISO 9650 standard (Type 1 Group A), as well as ISAF most recent Offshore Special Regulations* for mono and multi hulls category 1 and 2.

The Avon standard Ocean-going life raft has many features, including very safe boarding, more internal headroom, and greater night time visibility. The buoyancy tubes and canopy are made of butyl, extremely light yet robust fabric directly inherited from the aeronautical sector.

Each of the two independent buoyancy tubes is capable of supporting the full complement the raft has been designed for.The standard inflatable floor helps to retain body heat in cold waters, and is fitted with a self-bailer system.

>> 4 / 6 / 8 Man

Under-24 hours Emergency Pack (included in canister or valise)
  • Drinking water - 1 pint (0.5 litre) per person
  • 2 signalling torches (flashlight)
  • 2 spare batteries and bulb
  • 2 paddles
  • 2 parachute flares
  • 3 hand flares
  • 1 sun signalling mirror
  • 1 bailer
  • 2 sponges
  • 1 bellow
  • 1 repair kit
  • 6 anti-seasickness pills per person
  • 1 sea sickness bag per person
  • 1 whistle
  • Advice on immediate emergency procedures

  • Over 24 hours Emergency Pack (contained in optional grab bag)
  • 1 first aid pack, inc. 2 sun blocks
  • 3 hand flares
  • 2 thermal protective aids
  • Drinking water – 2 pints (1.0 litre) per person
  • Food rations
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